Behind the Scenes of Anaheim’s Destination Video #ThrowbackThursday

At the ARTIC Station in Anaheim

Two years ago this week, Anaheim’s destination video was released. While working at Visit Anaheim, I co-produced this video along with a large production team and saw it through completion from the concept to the final edit. The goal of the video was to showcase Anaheim’s greatest assets and nearby attractions, all while telling a story. Today it has over 281,000 views on YouTube and won four awards, including the “Best Content Marketing Video Campaign” Poppy Award from Visit California!

It’s one of my most favorite projects to date and definitely one of the most exciting. In honor of this two-year throwback, this blog showcases a look behind the scenes. First, here’s the video:

The video was filmed over 5 full days at 10 different locations throughout Orange County.

ARTIC Anaheim

One of the first scenes is at ARTIC and shows the inside of a cab as Kate gets in and finds a clue. For lighting, the crew used large mirrors to reflect the sun into the car.

Using the sun in front of ARTIC

Knott’s Berry Farm

We arrived at Knott’s Berry Farm before the morning sun was out — so we could finish before the park opened. Even though it was early, our group of extras had to ride roller coasters over and over, at least 4 times in a row, I think. Only one person threw up!

Silver Bullet at Knott’s Berry Farm

The scene with the sheriff and bandits was a lot of fun. See that family? That’s my family! Perks of being related to me included being in this video and getting to spend the rest of the day at the park. They took a rain check so they could go take a nap.

Stick ‘um up!
This is me reviewing a shot with the Director and the other Producer.

Anaheim Packing House

At the Anaheim Packing House, we did a neat hyper-lapse through the entrance and around delicious food. I really love the transition to the plated food on the table. Here’s a secret- at least four of those hands holding a plate at the table is mine!

Packing House scene

The camera was set above the table and each plate was pulled out and placed back in one at a time, then edited together later to make one clip.


For the Disneyland scene, we had to arrive before the sun came out again. This was one of the most difficult shoots to plan. We were on a very tight schedule and Disney’s number one rule was to not get any guest faces in our shots. They provided us with a team to help keep the guests a safe distance away, which was helpful. Everyone wanted to come and look of course! They probably thought our director looked like Steven Spielberg from a distance.

Angel Stadium

The Angels Baseball scene was really fun to shoot. We were alone in the huge stadium with our talent and they cheered at an empty field (pretty good acting, right?). Popcorn got everywhere. Fun fact: the slo-motion scene was recorded using an iPhone!

Well I hope you enjoyed a look behind the scenes at this fun Visit Anaheim video. It was so fun to create, the team was awesome and the end video turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. Hope that the video inspires you to visit Anaheim and see all of the places Kate did on her adventure!

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